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Souper Kitchen

Souper Kitchen

15th Apr 2015

As part of our Level 2 Youth Work Qualification we chose a Homeless Soup Kitchen as one of our social action projects.

            The kitchen was based on Collage Green in Bristol, on Thursday 5th February. It was run by a group from Hanham Youth Club, who are working towards completing their Level 2 Qualification. The soup kitchen had a range of cakes and biscuits, tea, coffee hot chocolate and of course soup, freshly made by some of the group.

            We chose to do this event because homelessness is a topic we feel is not addressed enough. It is a huge problem all around the world, and we feel that it needs more recognition. We wanted to raise awareness to the public to show how many people in Bristol alone are homeless. We also wanted to bring happiness and a little extra warmth in to the day of the people living on the streets. As a group, we knew that homeless people were all around but we didn’t fully understand what these people were going through until after we’d done the kitchen and spoken to them.

            To plan the project, we met once a week to arrange the date, time and venue. We all offered to do different things to make it a good event. Some of us volunteered to make the soup, set up the gazebo, bring cakes and biscuits and supply gas stoves for warming the soup and water. Everyone contributed differently to help make the event possible.

            By doing this event we wanted to achieve a few things; to raise awareness about the topic and get more people to help, to understand as much as possible what these people are really going through on a day to day basis; and to of course, make a difference to the community by putting a smile on peoples faces. We felt we achieved what we wanted too. It was heart-warming to see how much they appreciated this small act of kindness.

            Personally, being involved in an event of this nature made me appreciate everything I have so much more, it made me realise how lucky I am. It also made me want to do more for the community, more for people who don’t get the basic human rights of food, warmth and shelter. Seeing someone homeless now affects me a lot more than previously. All these people have their individual stories, none of them asked to be homeless. When you’re in your bed tonight, warm and cosy, just send a prayer for those who are facing the streets; it could go a long way.


Bibby Curtis

Young person from Hanham youth club Social Action Youth Project

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